Welcome to the first installment of the MiniCards development blog. I’m halfway through work on the first trick-taking game for MiniCards. Hearts is a game that everyone is familiar with. This week I have been concentrating on the actual game mechanics, which are pretty much finished. Trick-taking and scoring is complete, and help features in place.

I’ve also spent some time fixing bugs, trying to look at the Wifi-Direct handling, which still seems to be somewhat temperamental. Investigation seems to point to at least part of the problem being due to poor Wifi performance, the Galaxy S5 being the main offender here. Strangely it’s confined mostly to serving HTTP requests, but websocket messages from the device get through fine for some reason. However the reverse seems to be the case when it is a client rather than a server which suggests that the problem is confined to packets received rather than transmitted. Acquiring the WIFI_MODE_FULL_HIGH_PERF lock gave inconclusive results. I’m planning to simplify the Wifi-Direct joining process as devices no longer need to exchange IP address now that the host creates the group explicitly, which should make it more reliable. There is still the possibility that I may add peer discovery when using a normal Wifi AP as well later on, if this turns out to not be enough.