MiniCards 0.4 has been released!

The latest version of MiniCards has finally been released, after a bit of last-minute delay caused by a previously unnoticed rendering glitch (I swear it was not there in the debug builds…), which led to an overdue overhaul of the rendering code. The good thing is that this has simplified the internals somewhat and should make it easier to get the cards animations to rotate and flip properly at the same time (which they still don’t quite) which is something I’ve been meaning to get round to for a while.

The update also includes a new game: Hearts. Whilst it’s perfectly playable there are a few things that didn’t quite make the cut to this release which are still on my shopping list for a future update. For one thing, the trick pile in the middle is not oriented the way you’d expect for a card game, with the cards angled with respect to the player’s position on the table, as if they’d actually thrown them in. Hopefully the changes should be much simpler to implement now that I’ve done at least some of the necessary refactoring.

Also the more observant players will notice that there’s something strange about the AI player behaviour, and you’d not be wrong – their algorithm is currently a bit simplistic, although I was surprised during testing at how effective it is (the AIs managed to beat me a few times even though I know how they work, and even managed a moon-shot on a couple of occasions despite there not being any code for it!). One of the things on the to-do list is to give the AI players a bit more personality, with different traits, rather than all being the same as they currently are.