Latest update

The latest version of MiniCards, 0.6.6 has been released. It’s a behind-the-scenes update with two new features, the first is that card stacks in Sandbox mode can now be cut via a new menu option.  The second is that local games against AI players are now saved and can be resumed, whereas before the game state would be lost if the app was backgrounded and subsequently killed by Android.

However games against human opponents aren’t saved yet. This is mainly because there is currently no mechanism for re-joining the game after somebody has left it. I’ve been thinking a bit about this and in more general terms how to approach a more resumable style of gameplay where players can drop in and out of a session. After all real life often intervenes, and not everyone can set aside a large chunk of uninterrupted time.

Also having taken a look at the analytics recently it seems that some people are experiencing force close issues. I’m taking a look at these  in the next update.