MiniCards 0.6.8

So MiniCards 0.6.8 is now released – the main change in this release is the introduction of multiplayer undo in Sandbox Mode. Getting this right proved trickier than anticipated. Originally this release was going to also have introduced customisable avatars. However I’ve had a change of heart and concluded that my time would be better spent elsewhere especially since you can’t see your own avatar during the game. Also to give it the proper amount of attention it deserves would require a significant investment in terms of additional graphics resources which would probably not be seen by most users, and as it currently stands my artistic talents aren’t really up to producing that much content.

Instead of customisable avatars, I’ve decided to go with allowing profile pics to be pulled in from Facebook or Google+, which I’m currently working on. Having said all that, it would be nice to have an artist working on MiniCards, and it’s something I’m thinking about at the moment.