New release of MiniCards

MiniCards update time! Although the changes are mostly under the hood, server authentication is now done properly (as opposed to just allowing anyone to log in). You can now log in to the server using either Facebook or Google. As a result this means that your avatar now uses your profile picture and is no longer just a smiley face 🙂 If you’re using an older version of MiniCards you will need to upgrade.

The update was supposed to come out on Friday but I had to delay whilst I sorted out some last-minute Fragment issues which were exposed. Whilst what ultimately turned out to be the cause ended up being fairly simple, I took a number of wrong-turns trying to figure out what was going wrong. Including some obscure behaviour about committing transactions in onResume(), which is undocumented (at rather, only documented for support library Fragments, which isn’t much help if you don’t read it because you aren’t using them). For the gory details, see this post over at Android Design Patterns.