Minicards update

The latest version of MiniCards is out. There’s a new game – Cribbage which is now available as an in-app purchase after having been available as a beta for a while. Existing users will get it for **free** but there’s also an introductory offer where new users will also be able to get it for free if they invite a friend to a game on MiniCards!

There’s been a number of bug-fixes for some force close issues as well, and a minor update to the Sandbox Mode too, now with configurable number of players for Sandbox Templates. The game joining screen has been reworked with tabbed layout in order to fit more options in the display – this turned out to be much more invasive than originally planned due to having to change all the Fragments from native ones to the support library Fragments, and then messing up all the themeing. Still, at least some of the dialogs are a bit more Material Design now.