Minicards 0.6.15

Another minor update – some minor features and bug fixes. The next few releases will now concentrate on supporting tablets – finally! Expect changes in the lobby screens to support landscape mode and some enhancements to make use of the additional space.


Card piles created in Sandbox Mode now clone the layout of the pile the cards were dragged from.

Sandbox Mode can now create “trick” pile type where cards are rotationally offset.

Feedback now accessible from the in-game preferences.

Improved exception reporting.

Bug fixes:

  • Game no longer stuck when player takes all the cards during cut.
  • Cards now dealt from off-screen instead of mid-air
  • What-next help scrolling now behaves the same as the game objectives help.
  • Canasta AI no longer gets stuck when attempting to go out under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed websocket leak during game join.