MiniCards now available for Tablets

MiniCards 0.7 is now released and it supports tablets! Yay! This took a bit longer than anticipated – partly because my little nephew gave me something rather virulent which put the brakes on things for a bit. Thankfully I’m recovered now. Another reason for the delay was the addition of higher-res graphics – the card fronts and backs are now more than double the previous resolution, and most of the icons have been increased 50% for tablet. In part this is possible because the new higher res graphics are compressed using .webp format, which gives better results at the same size as JPEG but can also give better compression.

In order to view the cards at their newer more glorious high res, I had to implement some fancy caching in order to keep memory usage down, which took a bit more time than expected. This means that topmost cards are rendered in more detail in preference to ones which aren’t visible because they are hidden behind them. The extra graphics has meant the .APK is somewhat bigger at 22MB but I think this is still pretty reasonable given what’s in it. There are possibly some additional things that could  be done to make the APK smaller but it’s not a priority right now.

As well as better graphics, there’s also been changes to the game lobby screen layout, and a new game preview when you are choosing which game to play that shows the rules and a nice little screenshot. There’s also a load of bugfixes too, including a whole bunch of networking-related fixes which should mean that local P2P games work more reliably.

This new update caused a few changes to the server API so you’ll need to download the update in order to play on it.