Minicards 0.7.2

MiniCards now has support for Table Mode if you have a tablet device. This presents the state of the table on a single device that can be shared by all players. Obviously there is a slight disadvantage in that in this case player’s hands can’t be shown, so you will still need additional devices for each player.

Also in this release are several bug fixes, and experimental support for Wi-Fi Hotspot instead of Wi-Fi Direct. This is seeming much more promising as Wi-Fi Direct has proven to be fairly unreliable across a broad range of devices, something which I’ve posted about before. So much so that on the development tablet I’ve been using it doesn’t work at all!

Luckily after some experimentation it seems that it is possible to get pretty much the same functionality as Wi-Fi Direct. It turns out that although there were a few stumbling blocks to getting it working they were relatively minor, and I’m pleased to say that Wi-Fi Hotspot works like a charm on all my development devices, far better than Wi-Fi Direct ever did.

Expect in a future version of MiniCards for Wi-Fi Direct support to disappear – it’s been relegated to a submenu for a while now and has been suffering some bitrot as a consequence.