Using MiniCards with Portable WiFi Hotspot

MiniCards can be used with Android’s Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot if you are unable to join any local Wi-Fi Access Point and you have a device that supports it (most phones should have this feature, some tablets may not).

In order to do this you will need one device that can act as a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot. Follow these instructions:

Go to the Android System Settings, under “Wireless & networks” select “More” and then “Tethering & portable hotspot”.


Enable “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot” (Depending on your phone model this setting may be located somewhere else).


This will configure the device to behave as a Wi-Fi access point.

screenshot_20161207-151045Then select “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot”, this will bring up the configuration settings. If you wish you can change the Network Name, Password and other security settings here.


On the other devices that you want to join to the network, go into the system settings, select Wi-Fi, find the hotspot network and join it. The default name will probably be something like “AndroidAP” unless you changed it. When prompted enter the password from the other device’s settings dialog (you select “Show password” to display it if you are using the default).

Do this for all the devices you want to join.

After this has been done, start MiniCards in the normal way. Any device in the hotspot can start the game and the other devices in the network should be able to join it.