Happy New Year!

Happy New year everybody! Plus I recently sneaked out a minor update to MiniCards (mostly bugfixes).


Added option to shuffle deck in Rummy between redeals of the stock.

Bug fixes:

  • Possible fix for permissions force close seen on LG G Stylo caused by
    undocumented CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE permission change introduced in Android
    6.0.0 that was reverted in 6.0.1.
  • Fix for force close due to incorrect context classloader loading game
  • Table zoomed in too far in Cribbage
  • Fix for unable to undo moves in Sandbox Mode involving 3 participants.
  • Fix for Canastas sometimes not being recognised after reloading the game
  • Fix actions for Snap in Table Mode
  • Made double-tap easier to invoke
  • Fix for Cribbage wrong player sometimes starts next round after scoring 31 for 2
  • Context menu and button bar button wangers now animate and retry correctly.
  • Lobby now finds internet games more quickly.
  • In-game settings have different indentations