MiniCards 0.7.4

This is mainly a bug fix release as work has started on a private development branch implementing backend support for downloadable card decks, and until that is more complete it won’t be releasable. So for now, just some minor fixes aimed at making it a bit more usable when starting games without network availability. It should also be better at picking up changes in network state in the lobby screens, although there are still a couple of issues which I haven’t pinned down yet.


Users can now start multiplayer games without requiring Wifi or 3G if they only
want to play non-human opponents.

Bug fixes:

  • Can’t load sandbox template with split screen mode enabled
  • Integer settings can’t be altered from the settings tab
  • Can’t connect to P2P server device in lobby after it changes WiFi network
  • Fix force close when null intent delivered to service
  • Available games are not rescanned in the lobby when the client network changes.
  • Prevent phone sleeping while in game and game lobby.