MiniCards 0.7.5

This update introduces the code for downloadable card decks. At the moment there are only two card decks, which are both built-in – the existing deck and the Baraja Española deck, which is the traditional Spanish deck. This uses Creative Commons artwork but I’m hoping to get add more decks  in future. This works the same way as the table background and card backs – all players in the game will use the same deck graphics and if they don’t have it on their device it will be downloaded.

Underneath the engine now has a way to represent decks with different numbers/types of cards so this opens up all different types of playing card systems in future. One example could be inclusion of tarot card decks.

Since the new deck has only 48 cards (the Spanish pip cards only go up to 9) it can’t be used in any of the existing games apart from Sandbox mode, but next on my list is to add Briscola which doesn’t use all 52 cards so will be able to use it.

0.7.5 Changelog

Added support for rendering different card decks and the corresponding display option.

Added Baraja Española deck.

The playing card system can now be specified in a Sandbox Game.

Bug fixes:

  • Cribbage help no longer says it’s the wrong person’s turn to deal.
  • Fix force close during game victory
  • Fix achievements fragment not being updated after achievement gained.
  • Fix for mysterious force close in ListView when choosing a game.