MiniCards 0.7.7

The latest version of MiniCards contains a new game, Briscola – which is a popular Italian trick-taking game. It’s also the first game that uses the new scripting engine which runs on lua. At the moment it’s not exposed but in future it will be possible for you to write your own card games with it. However the scripting API is not complete and there are a few things that still need to be done to make it ready for public consumption. It’s only available for premium users; if you want to upgrade, the option to upgrade for free if you invite another user to join you in a game of MiniCards is still open.

I’ve also uploaded to the server another card deck – it’s an antique Spanish deck that can be used in the Sandbox and in Briscola. It’s a 40-card deck, so to use it in the Sandbox you need to exclude the 8-10 from each suit. The design is dated 1878 but there’s a lot of detail in the design of the cards. At the moment it’s not available to download for use in local multiplayer but this is something that I hope to change shortly.