Hi there, well it’s been a while since my last update – I’ve been busy working on the back-end to support downloading and syncing of card decks – that work is continuing. Anyway, this weekend I was pleased to be able to attend the English Playing Card Society AGM in Bath. It was a great pleasure to meet the many people there, including Jenny Gaudion who was present with some samples of artwork from her current project. There were many card decks, not just standard playing cards but also many card-based novelty parlour games, domino cards, tarot decks and more.




Many thanks also to Barney Townshend for presenting me with a wonderful reproduction copy of John Nixon’s 1811 Metastasis playing cards. On a side note, I am also most indebted for the kind invitation to join the Ancient Antediluvian Order of Musums and I hope I will be able to render them whatever service as shall prove necessary.