MiniCards 0.7.8


The latest update for MiniCards adds the ability to download card decks from the server onto your phone or tablet and then play with them in local P2P multiplayer games. Currently only two decks are available for download, but I hope to add to this list over time. The first is the A Todos Alumbra deck, which was previously only available online. The second is a deck I picked up at the whilst at EPCS AGM – it’s a deck of souvenir playing cards from California – taken at the turn of the last century by the photographer R J Waters. I thought it would be interesting because of the scenes depicted in it, many of which will have changed significantly over the years.


Also in the update are some improvements to Briscola, where signalling between players is now implemented and the AI can now also signal and receive and act upon signals. This is done using an emoji-based gesture system, which might also be translatable to any other card games which use facial signals.