Recently I posted a request for testers for the modding API on Reddit (this request is still open, by the way). One of the things I talked about was saving and loading of games, and so in the last few days I’ve started working on this. The first drop of this improved functionality will be the ability to suspend and resume P2P and Internet games. Until now, it’s only been possible for AI players, however now I’m adding the ability to do this when more than one human player is present. This is potentially complex because in a P2P game it’s not known if the host is still running the game, or even if it’s on the same network, hence this may involve going through the lobby again in order to find the server. This involves modifications to the lobby screen in order to reconvene players before resuming play.

Initially you’ll only be able to maintain a single resumable game through a button on the start screen. However later I plan to revamp the start screen with a side drawer to access multiple saved sessions and other stuff such as the mods functionality as it’s getting rather cluttered.