MiniCards 0.7.12

The latest version supports suspend and resume of sessions. In order to suspend a game, you must be the host (i.e. the person that started it). When you press back, you’ll be given the option to suspend. To resume, press the button at the top of the start screen. If you were playing a Local P2P game, all devices will need to be on the same network and the host will need to resume first in order for the others to connect. Internet games will require an internet connection (obviously). Once connected, you’ll be back in the lobby and once all players have rejoined, you can resume the game.


Local and internet human-human games can now be suspended and resumed by the
hosting player.

Delete button for mod folders

In-game option to mute audio

Removed full-screen pull-down affordance tab as it was confusing people.

Info button on mods to show where they are in the file system

Bug fixes:

  • Cribbage can’t be saved when playing against the AI player.
  • Card back assets downloaded on startup when not needed.