MiniCards 0.7.6

This release is mostly minor bugfixes, I’ve been spending some time with various project-related activities with a view to getting some better card deck designs (both historic and some decks from contemporary artists), planning and thinking about UI improvements. Much of this has been taken up with various legal IP, copyright, trademark and licensing-related head-scratching discussions and random Read more about MiniCards 0.7.6[…]

MiniCards 0.7.5

This update introduces the code for downloadable card decks. At the moment there are only two card decks, which are both built-in – the existing deck and the Baraja Española deck, which is the traditional Spanish deck. This uses Creative Commons artwork but I’m hoping to get add more decks  in future. This works the same way as Read more about MiniCards 0.7.5[…]

MiniCards 0.7.4

This is mainly a bug fix release as work has started on a private development branch implementing backend support for downloadable card decks, and until that is more complete it won’t be releasable. So for now, just some minor fixes aimed at making it a bit more usable when starting games without network availability. It Read more about MiniCards 0.7.4[…]

Happy New Year!

Happy New year everybody! Plus I recently sneaked out a minor update to MiniCards (mostly bugfixes). Changelog Added option to shuffle deck in Rummy between redeals of the stock. Bug fixes: Possible fix for permissions force close seen on LG G Stylo caused by undocumented CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE permission change introduced in Android 6.0.0 that was reverted Read more about Happy New Year![…]

The road to 0.8

I’ve been spending some time planning features for 0.8 and generally tidying up the backlog. There are currently 465 outstanding user story items in the MiniCards Rally project. Some of those are small detail items, some are much bigger and have yet to be broken down into smaller tasks. One of the problems with agile tracking software like Read more about The road to 0.8[…]