MiniCards 0.7.14

MiniCards 0.7.14 adds improvements to the start drawer, adds better save handling and bug fixes: Start drawer now shows local profile pic and clicking lets you update it Suspended game bookmarks now sync correctly for remote games. If MiniCards force-closes and it wasn’t hosting the game, it can now recover and reconnect. Bug fixes: Unlock Read more about MiniCards 0.7.14[…]


Recently I posted a request for testers for the modding API on Reddit (this request is still open, by the way). One of the things I talked about was saving and loading of games, and so in the last few days I’ve started working on this. The first drop of this improved functionality will be the Read more about Saving[…]

MiniCards 0.7.10

Cards can now be zoomed in for more detail by pinching while moving them. Bug fixes: Non-symmetric cards now display the correct way up in landscape piles in Sandbox Mode. Fixed sometimes tapping on Solitaire or Freecell doesn’t trigger start Fixed Sandbox template names not appearing in game chooser Fixed downloadable card decks can’t be Read more about MiniCards 0.7.10[…]

MiniCards 0.7.9

Removed support for Wi-Fi direct – local games now via Wi-Fi Hotspot. Corner index overlay for cards can now be enabled in order to clearly see suit and rank for cards designs which show it elsewhere. Bug fixes: Fixed cannot return to game activity when prompted to rate if “destroy all activities” enabled. Fixed unable Read more about MiniCards 0.7.9[…]


Hi there, well it’s been a while since my last update – I’ve been busy working on the back-end to support downloading and syncing of card decks – that work is continuing. Anyway, this weekend I was pleased to be able to attend the English Playing Card Society AGM in Bath. It was a great pleasure Read more about News[…]