July 21, 2017

Lua Console

MiniCards game mods provide access to a Lua console which when enabled, allows you to run Lua commands on the server while the game is running, print debug output, see error messages and modify game state.

Accessing the console

The server console is only available for those games which have FEATURE_CONSOLE enabled in the game_provider.lua file.

If the feature is present, then in the app when the game is running and you are the game host, the Lua Console option will be present:

Enabling this option will bring up the console.

Console commands

The console accepts any Lua statements for execution. You can inspect and modify the game state via any globals which are accessible.

The global environment and objects are instrumented with help methods which print the available fields and methods.

To see help on the global environment type return help() or print(help())

This will print what items are available:

To call the help method on an object type return <object>:help():


If you want to get the help on a particular method, you can type something like return game:help("start")


If the module has any debugging output via print() statements or console.write() statements they will be output to the console, as will any Lua errors encountered during execution.