July 12, 2017


Game Mods

You can now implement your own card games in MiniCards using the Game Mods feature. Using this feature it’s possible to implement a complete card game including table layout, rules, instructions, hints, scoring and computer AI.

Game Mods are accessible from the main screen via the Mods button.

Information on Modding

The easiest way to start writing your own mod is to follow the Quick Start guide.

Game Mods are written in the Lua programming language, which is used in many other game modding systems. The game mod is a folder with a specific structure documented here.

For more info about the Lua programming language, see their official website.

There is reference documentation for the modding API. The docs are available here.

As well as the API, some of the standard Lua libraries and part of the cgilua library are included.

There is also a Lua console embedded in MiniCards which lets you inspect and modify the game while it is running.

It’s planned that the modding API will be extended as more features are added to MiniCards. However you may find that you want to do certain things but they aren’t exposed in the API, or maybe they are but just aren’t documented. If that’s the case, please let me know and I will try to support it. Please send your feedback to enquiries@qubular.com