July 18, 2017

Modding Quick Start guide

Installing the Sample Mod

Clicking the Mods button from the main screen will open the Mods screen. The first time you visit this, it may ask for permissions to install the sample mod. After it has installed the sample mod, it should be listed in the screen. Currently there isn’t much to see here, as you only have the one mod installed.

Inspecting and Editing the Sample Mod

The sample mod is installed onto the phone’s Documents directory. There are several ways you can view and edit the mod files.

Editing the files on your PC

By plugging your device into your PC you can share your files via MTP and edit them in your file browser. First plug your device into your PC with a USB cable.

Select “File transfers” to enable MTP. You should then be able to browse the folders on your PC.

Most devices should allow you to edit the files as well as browse them, however some don’t (<cough> Samsung <cough>). However this won’t work if you have a Mac as MTP is not natively supported.

Edit the files on the device

The files are standard text files with either .lua, .lp or .properties extensions. They are editable by most text apps. Download and install your favourite text editing app such as Notepad++ or QuickEdit, then browse to the folder and start editing. The files will probably be on a path like /storage/emulated/0/Documents/MiniCards Mods/<modname>.

Share the files over the network

You can also share the files via FTP or other network file sharing app, such as WebDAV Server (this is the example used here for convenience, although you may wish to use something more secure).

If you wish set the username and password. Also useful to set the port number to something other than 8080 as this is also the port that MiniCards uses.

Once configured, start the server:

Make a note of the details on this screen and enter them in the dialogs when connecting below.


If on a Mac, in the Finder, go to Connect to Server… and enter the URL on the screen. If prompted enter whatever password you just configured. Then browse to the Documents/MiniCards Mods folder.


On Windows, WebDAV doesn’t work if you set a password (at least, not without a registry hack). Click Map network drive:

Then enter the URL from the app:

Then navigate to the folder containing the mod on your phone or tablet:

Editing the files

Once connected, you can edit the files, or copy them to a new folder to create a new mod. The structure of the files is described here.